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All the domes are outfitted with laptops, systems for directing the telescope, fiber optic networking, and speakers, so we can play music!

Soon to come will be a bluetooth network and palm pilot for each dome to make telescope operation easier.

A closeup of the sun filter.

The system for the telescope's motors to interact with the computer.

We have an eyepiece projection system and a rotating eyepiece system to be used with the scope.

Some of the eyepieces for the projection system.

The operations room for the Alumni telescope.

This seems to be a weather observing station of some sort, but none of the students actually know. Maybe Doc could tell us.

The observatory is also home to the SCOLA satellites which bring in multilingual television for the foreign language department.

One of the 10D cameras we use for taking pictures.

One of the elder cameras which went piggyback on the telescopes.

The network hub of the astro center. Crazy.

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